Teeth are an important factor for an impressive smile and over all personality. Our teeth seem to lose their whiteness and slowly start becoming a hue of yellow as we age. Other reasons for stained teeth are a high intake of sugary food and smoking.

You can achieve whiter teeth by home remedies or with procedures at the clinic. But since these results are not permanent, you can maximize the time they are visible with changes in your lifestyle habits. Here are 10 other secrets to achieve those pearly whites:



  1. Home Teeth Whitening Treatments

There is an array of home teeth whitening systems like whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwash, and whitening strips available for getting rid of the mild stains you may have.


  1. Teeth Whitening Kits

Home teeth whitening kits are also available which are efficient in removing coffee stains from your teeth and give you a naturally white set of teeth. These kits involve applying whitening agents using a mouth tray. Discover our teeth whitening kits here.


  1. Home Remedies

One of the most popular home remedy for teeth whitening is brushing ones teeth with baking soda. Also eating more of apples, celery, pears and other fruits and vegetables is also good as they create a lot of saliva, which help in washing away the debris from your teeth to make it whiter


  1. In-Office Whitening, The Smile Bar, Hong Kong

In office whitening procedures are fruitful for those who have a healthy set of teeth without any crowns, veneering, as it may be difficult to bleach these artificial bodies in your mouth. However if you haven’t had a tooth restoration done, then a whitening treatment will give you the best results within a short time. Discover our offers here.


  1. Limit your Sugar Intake

One way to maintain naturally white teeth and the results after a whitening procedure is to avoid high sugar intake. Limiting your sugar intake is also beneficial for your overall health. These stains grow overtime and become stubborn eventually.


  1. Toss the Cigarettes Away

Limiting your smoking habits also help in preventing the results from whitening procedure from wearing off. Tobacco causes stubborn stains in the enamel that find their way into the pits of the enamel and tobacco stains might be impossible to get rid off by brushing alone.


  1. Avoid Foods and Beverages That Cause Discoloration

You can determine which food causes stains on your teeth in a very simple manner. Foods that tend to leave tough stains of clothes have the same effect on your teeth. Avoid them. Also dark coloured sodas, fruit juices, coffee and tea are also major culprits of teeth staining.


  1. Remember to Rinse

Beverages like wine, grape juice or cranberry juice are advised for a person’s daily share of antioxidants. But these beverages also stain your teeth when you drink them. So to avoid the stains and to continue consuming these beverages, make sure you rinse your mouth thoroughly after consuming them.


  1. Rinse, Floss and Brush

The aforementioned foods and beverages are not the only ones that stain your teeth, there are many more but you cannot avoid them completely too. So remember to rinse your mouth every time after you consume them and brush twice daily in a gentle manner. Use whitening toothpaste for maximum effect. Also floss regularly to maintain your dental health.


  1. Medications

Many medicines like the tetracycline and other medicinal mouthwashes cause staining too. In such case, whitening procedures alone cannot solve the problem. Visit your dentist for regular checkups who will advise you on other alternative treatments like bonding, veneering etc which are better options for whiter teeth in such scenarios