1. High cholesterol level not only make you fat, in fact, excessive intake of cholesterol can also lead to periodontal disease.
  2. If your hands bleed suddenly, you will use a bandage or go see a doctor. However, when most people bleed while brushing teeth, we usually ignored. In fact, gingival bleeding may indicate that you are suffering from periodontal disease.
  3. Even though you have healthy gum, you should still visit the dentist twice a year. But most people failed to do so.
  4. There is a strange phenomenon among patients who has periodontal disease: Their back teeth usually suffer from more serious impact, but their front teeth are comparatively healthier. This is because people only care about teeth that others can see.
  5. The dentists always suggest patients with severe gum disease to use dental floss everyday. It’s like you often need to clean the bottom of your shirt pocket, so debris will not be accumulated.
  6. When people first meet each other, they first notice each other’s eyes, and then the teeth, and hair comes third. However, people spend much more money on their hair than they spend on their teeth
  7. To maintain oral hygiene, you need to brush your teeth for at least 10 minutes a day. However, the average time for adults brushing their teeth is only 2 to 3 minutes, and the average time for children brushing their teeth is even shorter.
  8. Smokers often use mints or mouthwash to cover the smell of smoke in their mouth. We suggest them to use Whitening Evo Mouth rinse from Brilliant Smile. The innovative formula in the Mouth Rinse can gives you fresh breathe, it is also very effective against tooth sensitivity, icing sensation, plaque, tooth decay and stains removal.
  9. Mouth rinse that contains alcohol often make your mouth dry. In the next half an hour after rinsing, your tone may be very fresh, but then it will become unpleasant again. However, The Whitening Evo Mouth rinse from Brilliant Smile can keep your mouth fresh for a long period of time.
  10. Although most whitening toothpastes can remove the dark spots on the surface of the teeth, but it is not as useful as a teeth whitening treatment to make our teeth white.
  11. Electric toothbrushes are one of the best tools for oral hygiene. They replicate the professional cleaning process, which can have better cleaning result than traditional toothbrush. Electric toothbrush and the Whitening Evo Toothpaste are the best partner to keep your teeth clean.
  12. Each tooth is surrounded by rotten substances and bacteria, people should clean their teeth more often to prevent periodontal disease.
  13. If a mother has poor oral hygiene, by sharing food with her child or using the same spoon, bacteria may have a chance to pass to the child.
  14. Dentists call soda as a “liquid saw blade”. Soda drinks like coke has high content of sugar and high acidity, which may corrode our teeth and result in tooth decay.
  15. Some people lose confidence in teeth whitening strips, because they may cause discomfort to our teeth and gums. We suggest you to use the Whitening Evo Strips from Brilliant Smile, the innovative formula of the WhiteningEvo Strips allows you to remove the deepest stains from your enamel, anytime and anywhere.
  16. Twisted teeth may cause migraine headache.
  17. One of the symptoms of diabetes is bleeding gums.
  18. Many patients do not go to the dentist until the condition develops to a unbearable level, which may cause you a lot more money than to visit the dentists twice a year.
  19. The premise of dental beauty is you have good oral health.
  20. Before going to a dentist, do not eat garlic – the dentist will be very grateful.