Human beings are the vainest creatures on earth. We love good looking people and love to look good. The increasing number of plastic and cosmetic surgeries only proves this point. While plastic surgery may not be within reach for everyone, teeth whitening procedures definitely are.


In our quest for bright, white smiles, we avail of several over the counter and at home teeth whitening remedies. In-clinic procedures like teeth whitening treatment at The Smile Bar, Hong Kong that are quick and long lasting are also rising in popularity. But it is time to stop and take stock- has teeth whitening become an addiction?


When White Isn’t White Enough


For some people, their teeth are never white enough, and they are constantly indulging in some whitening procedure or the other to make sure that their teeth remain white. It’s a fact that the effects of a teeth whitening procedure do not last forever.


Depending on the procedure you have undertaken it may last for a few weeks to months or up to a year in case of in-clinic treatments like at The Smile Bar, Hong Kong. Even so, specialist caution that ultimately how long the effect lasts varies from individual to individual.


For someone who maintains good dental hygiene, brushes and flosses regularly, and is non-smoker the effects obviously last longer.


The Dangers of Teeth Whitening Addiction


Unfortunately, with the plethora of over the counter teeth whitening products being freely available, it is easy for anyone to unsuspectingly become a teeth whitening addict.


A look in the mirror or a chance remark by someone about their teeth can send the person scurrying off to the chemist for a teeth whitening strip. The strip works and the person is happy, but perhaps after a few days, he/she has a nagging feeling that the whiteness has reduced. So he/she may indulge again with a whitening tray or another strip and thus vicious cycle begins.


Teeth whitening products contain bleaching agents, and overusing these is bad for your health. Excessive use of teeth whitening products may in fact erode the enamel and ironically expose the underlying dentin that confers a yellowish shade on your teeth. It also gives rise to other problems like tooth sensitivity, irritation, and redness of gums with or without bleeding.


Eventually, the result is almost translucent see-through teeth, which are extremely unappealing. So the very purpose of teeth whitening – to have beautiful teeth- gets defeated on account of over indulging in teeth whitening.