Stained teeth is a common physical appearance problem that can impact your overall personality. Our teeth tend to lose their whiteness and start discoloring as we age but there are certain foods too that can accelerate it and cause stained teeth.

  1. Tea

Dentists believe that tea causes more stains than coffee. That herbal tea might be doing wonders to your skin but not so much for your teeth, as herbal tea and damage your enamel to cause discoloration. So make sure you rinse every time you have tea.

  1. Energy Drinks

If you are used to drinking a lot of sports or energy drinks especially during workouts, it is advised that you switch to water because sports and energy drinks are acidic and can cause staining.

  1. Wine Stains

You will experience discoloration of teeth if you love indulging in while every day. A glass of wine is definitely good for your health but not for your teeth so make sure you rinse your mouth after every time you drink wine.

  1. Carbonated Drinks

Another major culprit for stained teeth are carbonated drinks like sodas and colas as they contain dyes and acids that can harm your enamel. This leads to discoloration over time. So switch to water which is both safer for your enamel and for your overall health.

  1. Sweets and Other Sugary Foods

Candies and sweets especially the ones loaded with artificial colors to give you colored tongues stain your teeth too. Even a high sugar intake can cause discoloration to your teeth.

  1. Berries

Certain fruits and berries like pomegranates, blackberries, blueberries, and other colored foods can also stain your teeth. Even the products made from these fruits can cause stains like juice, jams, pies etc. Even light colored fruits like grapes can also cause mild stains as they are acidic in nature.

  1. Sauces

Consumption of soy or tomato sauces or curry can also stain your teeth as they too have a high acidic content that can destroy your enamel and lead to stains overtime. So it is better to have light colored and creamy sauces instead. Irrespective of what sauces you eat, rinse your mouth without fail to avoid stains

Since we cannot avoid having some of the teeth staining foods and beverages, it is important to make sure that those foods or beverages don’t linger in your mouth for long. Rinse, brush and floss regularly will help to reduce stains. But to remove stains that stubborn and to get a pearly white smile, a teeth whitening procedure at The Smile Bar, Hong Kong will be required. If you have further questions, feel free to have a look at our FAQ.