Thanks to our new revolutionary formula and our qualitative products from Europe, The Smile Bar, Hong Kong does not have many risks associated with it if the procedure is done on the right candidate. Even after proper assessment, sometimes individuals who have undergone the whitening procedure may experience some discomfort after the procedure.

There are two main common side effects one might experience after a procedure of the teeth whitening treatment:



Tooth Sensitivity

The patient might experience an increase in tooth sensitivity after the treatment due to exposure to the whitening gel. However, this increase in sensitivity is only temporary.


Irritation In The Mouth

Another side effect associated with the teeth whitening procedure is irritation in the soft tissues of the mouth especially in the areas of gum. This irritation is not attributed to the whitening agent but is mostly caused due to the mouth tray used in mouth tray whitening systems. The irritation occurs as a result from using ill-fitting mouth trays.

Both the above are only temporary and slowly start reducing after a couple of hours after the treatment. If you undergo any teeth whitening procedure and experience any of the aforementioned side effects then you can take the following steps to reduce or eliminate them by :

  • Following advises of professionals about food or beverages recommended to eat or drink after the treatment.
  • Using toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth or using high fluoride toothpaste advised by specialists to remineralise your teeth.
  • Using E-Swab Vitamine, on your gum to eliminate any temporary discomfort or irritation. (Offer if needed at The Smile Bar, Hong Kong)

Just as with any other procedure, there are small risks associated with teeth whitening, like a possible and temporary discomfort, but, the benefits far outweigh the risks for sure.