If you are looking to whiten your teeth, you will have several treatment approaches and concentrations of hydrogen peroxide to choose from. Hydrogen peroxide is the most researched and widely used bleaching agent intended for teeth whitening. There are several types of hydrogen peroxide treatments on the market.

The concentration of hydrogen peroxide depends on the intended use for the product, and the differences pertain to the balance between the following factors:

  • Effectiveness
  • Treatment speed
  • Side effects

3 main concentration ranges are common on the market:

Low concentration (HP <0,1%)

Teeth whitening products containing up to 0,1% have few side effects, if any, and rarely lead to any type of discomfort. But on the other hand, low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in this kind of formula will not be sufficient in order to achieve any visible results. It would take several weeks to see the smallest sign of improvement.

The results may be comparable to sodium bicarbonate treatments, which are usually much less expensive. Bicarbonate is well known for his whitening property, but it only removes surface stains and should therefore be used continuously. The perfect solution is to use high quality mouthwash and toothpaste containing non-peroxide whitening agents on a daily basis, in order to maintain a fresh and healthy smile. The Smile Bar Hong Kong has selected the most efficient set of oral care products from Brilliant Smile Sweden. As the exclusive reseller in Hong Kong, we are proud to invite you to come and try them:

Medium concentration (HP 6%)

The Smile Bar Hong Kong offers an ideal teeth whitening formula using just 6% peroxide. At this level you will receive amazing results, in less than an hour.

Our medium concentration of hydrogen peroxide gives very little (if any) tooth sensitivity or side effects. As medium concentrations are still considered mild, and the treatment duration is short, no gum protection is required during the treatment.

Fast results and safe procedure for your teeth – the 6% peroxide teeth whitening service provided by The Smile Bar Hong Kong is the best choice for a whiter and healthier smile.

High concentration HP (20-35%)

High concentrations are used by most dentists and must be used with a gum barrier. High concentration hydrogen peroxide will give you quick results for whitening your teeth, side effects and discomfort are however more common. Using this level of hydrogen peroxide is restricted to qualified trained professionals only, as the procedure is increasingly complicated and must be carried out properly otherwise it can cause permanent damage to your teeth.