It’s the general human tendency to take things for granted they are fine. The same is true with our teeth, and unfortunately, we don’t even realize it when a dull yellow shade that gets stronger everyday replaces the normal white sheen of our teeth.

And one fine day, we are shocked to see how yellow our teeth have become. Of course, it is even more embarrassing when someone points it out for you. So what about yellow teeth? How does it happen and what can you do about it? Does The Smile Bar, Hong Kong can be the right solution to tackle this problem?



Top 3 Causes for Yellowing of Teeth

  1. Poor Dental Hygiene

The surface of your teeth is coated with enamel, which wears away over time due to poor dental hygiene. As a result, the underlying dentin layer (which is slightly yellowish) gets exposed, giving your teeth a yellow hue.

Certain foods erode the enamel; not brushing regularly keeps the food in contact with the teeth for longer duration, contributing to erosion of enamel and yellowing of teeth.

  1. Smoking

Besides its potent carcinogenic effects, tobacco is one of leading causes for staining teeth. It leaves a strong brown stain that penetrates deep into the tooth enamel. It’s close to impossible to dislodge tobacco stains by brushing alone. The longer your history of smoking, the stronger the stains tend to be.

  1. Certain Foods and Beverages

Tea, coffee and sugary drinks tend to stain the teeth. As these drinks are anyway not too great for your health either, it makes sense to give them up altogether. A surprising number of healthy foods too can cause yellowing of teeth.

These include richly colored fruits and vegetables like berries and beets. Red wine is also known to stain teeth. The staining effect here occurs due to the strong natural color of these foods. You don’t have to give up these foods. Just ensure that you brush your teeth or at least rinse well after every meal and snack.

Yellow stained teeth can be unappealing and can sap away your confidence. But you don’t have to suffer anymore. Avail of in-clinic The Smail Bar, Hong Kong procedures that will restore your pearly whites within minutes with results that last for a long time.