Simple, Magic formula with Immediate Lasting Effects, the essence of a perfect SMILE

The Smile Bar is like a prayer answered for those who are looking for whiter teeth without any risk. Known for its innovation in the field of customer safety, The Smile Bar specializes in giving beautiful smiles thanks to its innovative center for teeth whitening.

A revolutionary teeth whitening formula

Within just 20 minutes, The Smile Bar can make your teeth between 2 to 9 shades whiter using a very effective teeth whitening gel with a revolutionary formula and a sophisticated whitening lamp for immediate visible effects.

Depending on the patron’s dental hygiene and lifestyle (consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc.), the whitening effect can last up to six months. To maintain a pearly white breathtaking smile, the whitening treatment is recommended on a monthly basis.

Get the perfect smile in only 30 minutes

The Smile Bar center pairs modern state-of-the-art equipment and an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in order to provide you with an enjoyable teeth whitening experience.

On top of being a center for care and relaxation, The Smile Bar is also a retreat from your busy schedule. You will receive private session with your advisor for a tailor-made treatment that will perfectly suit your needs.

Whitening Process: Simple and Efficient

Step 1: Customer Briefing

  • Explanation of the process by our specialists for first timers
  • Pre-treatment teeth assessment using a teeth shade guide

Step 2: Pre Whitening

  • Mouth cleansing using our exclusive mouth rinse and toothpaste
  • Application of our oral cleansing activator

Step 3: Whitening

  • Welcome to our comfortable egg chair
  • Application of our exclusive teeth whitening gel
  • Teeth are then exposed to our LED plasma light (Free of UV)

Step 4: Customer Debriefing

  • Post-treatment teeth assessment using a teeth shade guide
  • Personalized guidance on how to maintain your new white smile

* This procedure will be done according to the package chosen by the customer (1x20min, 2x20min or 3×20 min)
* Mouth Rinse will round up the procedure.

The Smile Bar Results

Teeth Bleaching Results - White teeth- Before/After

You will find your teeth in a naturally whiter shade by 2 to 9 shades. The results are immediately visible and can last up to 6 months depending on your lifestyle, consumption habits and dental hygiene.

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Comfort and Safety: our greatest concern

Safety is of great importance to us and that’s why we are proud to be able to tell our customers that all our products and our revolutionary formula gel are 100% safe. Studies from the US National Library of Medecine have confirmed that the active ingredients in the whitening gel only acts on organic material, such as discoloration from coffee or tea, and leaves the teeth pearly white, without having done any damage to the enamel. This highly advanced teeth whitening technique is only performed by trained professionals.

Come to The Smile Bar; it’s time to show off your bright smile.

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